Friday, 12 November 2010

My Veteran Shout Out

Being a wifey of a Military man, I have begun to appreciate the men and women who serve and fight for this country called America.  Before getting married and being forced to live amongst uniformed personnel, I only saw the military members as hot uniformed jarheads to drool and swoon over, who later become retired vets that are either super patriotic old fogies with war stories, or homeless men begging on the streets.  Ignorant.  Yes.  I know.

Now that I have taken in more knowledge and learned about this typical lifestyle, I realize just how much these people do.  Knowing what I know now, I now listen to these old Vets and their stories,  for all that they’ve done, they really do deserve your time.  I don’t complain about a lot of things anymore, seeing how hard the hubby has it sometimes.  And I show my respects to anyone wearing a uniform, it just represents so much more that good looks.

First of all, once you sign up for the military, it’s like signing your life away for 4-25+ years. You know those days where you wake up early in the morning, and you just can’t seem to find yourself to get out bed, so you decide to call in “sick?”  Well, the government don’t play like that.  Whether you like it or not, you always have to report for work, sick or no sick, or else that’s big doo-doo on your part, and possibly your rank.  Also, I know some businesses give the option to their employers to go and travel to another state or in some cases countries to work for a few days or weeks.  Usually, if you are a single person, you would take that opportunity.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  It’s only for a few weeks, and it would be like a mini vacay.  For those who are with family, they can easily turn it down to avoid spending time away from their loved ones.  Welp, you lucky bastards, that does not hold true for the Military.  See, these heroes have no say in whether or not they can decline or accept, AND they have no say on when they leave or where.  This is a hard thing to do for anyone.  I mean, being sent away to a foreign place, ALONE, where birthdays and holidays no longer exist, and families and loved ones are no longer at arms reach for months on end does not sound very appealing, does it?  But you know what?  They still do it, and they do it with pride.

I’d like to dedicate this blog to all the men and women who serve and sacrifice their lives so that we can continue to live freely in this country that we sometimes take for granted.
Thank You and Happy Veterans Day Troops! 

WARNING::For those of you with sensitive stomachs, you may want to skip what I am going to post below.

Also, I’d like to say big ups to my Hero, Ricardo Malan.  Because of you I am one happy wifey.  And I know I’ll remain that way por vida.  You have sacrificed so much, endured plenty, and worked your ass off to not only defend your country, but to provide for a better future for us and our future family.  You don’t have to live this lifestyle, but yet you do, for the sake of this.  I Love you with all my heart, and I will forever support you. 

(Told you it was going to be barf status) 

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