Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Bandwagon fan

In my hometown hood, I’m greatly known within my circle of friends as a traitor.  Yes,  I would be that person to be super nice to your face and listen to all your needs and secrets, and then automatically turn around and tell the opponent all their secrets in order to start a fight for my personal satisfaction.  Naw, I’m kidding.  I can be a biatch, but I’m not THAT much of  bitch status.   When I say I am a traitor pertains to my support in sports teams.  Mira, let me explain. 

Here in the bay area, we have 2 team cities to choose from.  Being that 95% of my close acquaintances have been born, but not raised in San Francisco, they obviously chose to root for the town they entered the world in.  The other 5% where either former residents or were born in Oakland, or they moved here from other lands of America.  So anyways, enough with the history.  Now, being born in San Francisco, naturally you would think that I root for any team that represents the town of my birth.  Nope.  Yes, I do root for the San Francisco 49ers.  They will forever hold my heart.  But when it comes to Baseball, my hoots and hollers are only made for the Oakland A’s. 

Why not the SF Giants, you ask?  Well, I have my reasons for liking the A’s.  One, I love the color Green.  Two, well, they are the A’s and my name is Amy isn’t it?  Three, It’s personal reasons I prefer not to go into that are too sentimental to my eyes.  Besides, I like being a fan of both sides of the bay.

Anywho, this past week, the team I USED to prefer not to cheer for won the World Series.  I must admit, at the beginning of the playoffs and stuff like that I became pretty hesitant to partake in bar gatherings to watch this rival team play their game.  Well, after sucking it up for the sake of not being left out of social gatherings, I began to watch and be highly impressed and began to smile and clap for this group of super talented underdogs. 

By the time they got me rising out of my seat every time they scored, I was totally won over.  Although, I felt that I was betraying my loyalty to the A’s, I just kept in mind that I was doing it for the Bay Area.  Whilst this whole transgression into becoming a fan of the Gigantes, I discovered quite a few things that added to my new found “Giant” love.

Here’s what I discovered::

-Most of their fans are yummy looking macho men.  One of them being my hubby.  (of course.)  Unfortunately I cannot post pictures of the yummy goodness of masculine fans.  I didn't want to take a picture of them with the chance of getting caught.  Don't want to give them the wrong idea, since I'm married and all.  :)

-The players are super talented and super different.  I love freaks of nature like that.  I gained some favorites this past season too.  One is Tim Lincecum – whose a pitcher and technique and talents are unspeakable.  

The second is Brian Wilson – who’s also a pitcher, and who’s also very talented in his skill, AND (this is my favorite part) who is so random and odd that it makes me geegle with glee.

  LAV!  I thought that it was pretty awesome that fans made his black dyed beard an iconic symbol during this historic time.
BTW, while scoping out pictures, I came upon this old pic of Wilson
Um.  Yum?

Another player that I love (mainly for physical appearance from the hindside) is Andres Torres.  This man is a great player, buy he is also eye candy to my eyes that makes me drool at first sight.  Sigh.
Being that I have one myself, I noticed that this man had quite the bubble butt.  I mean, when I saw him in person today, I felt like a dude because my eyes would not leave the sight of that hind side.  Bellissimo!

-Lastly, the one thing that I discovered was the love that these Giants fans had for one another.  I must admit, being from Oakland, if the A's were to win the world series, that would mean rioting in the streets of Oakland and breaking in to all Foot Lockers stores, as means of celebrating.  No bueno.
Just last week, when the Giants played and won their first game in the World Series, I have never felt so much love rush through the streets of San Francisco.  It was beautiful chaos.  Let me show you

and yes, those are men dressed as gorillas

I would have to say, these past couple of weeks truly opened my eyes to a team that really deserved the recognition and this title like they did.  I am also shameful to say that yes, I have jumped on the bandwagon.  I may hop off soon, but if this team of talents keeps up the good work, I may be rooting for them more than the A's.....MAYBE

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Chela said...

Yay! I'm happy u opened ur eyes... & heart to the Giants. I like my candids. Hehe.