Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mum's the word

OK, so the longer I stay and roam amongst the British natives, the more I discover that we really do not speak the same language.  Sure, both Americans' and Brits' original tongue is english...but it's just the way we label things that make it more confusing for both worlds.

I mean, despite the fact that I've been here for many months already, I still get lost when carrying a conversation with a British person.  Sometimes I feel like a dumb American who doesn't know anything or who doesn't know how to listen, because most of my responses to the opposite person usually start with the word, "huh?"  So to make it easier for people who plan on visiting this royal land, I've decided to do some postings where I will translate english into english.  You're probably thinking, "well, shouldn't be that hard," but after a week here, you'll thank me.

Anyway....the word of the day is::

HOOVER - in American english it means "to vacuum." Or they will refer to a vacuum as a hoover.

Here's the word in a sentence.

"I think I may have to hoover the house today." (as a verb)
"I need a new hoover, mine is broken." (as a noun)

Try using it today.  You'll feel British.

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