Thursday, 10 June 2010

I hella love Singing

Music truly makes the world go round.  Singing is my #1 passion.  Of course, closely followed by designing and shopping.  I heart singing with all my heart that it's incredibly ridiculous, but in a good way.  It's my drug that keeps me sane, without it I'd truly be sitting in a dark corner, cursing the world and everyone in it and trying to zap people with my evil eye.

Back in the states,  I was hugely involved in my Church choir and another kick ass little choir called Lavoz.  Check us out::

Not to be biased or anything, but we were pretty Badass.

The Church choir I was in involved in was St. Patrick's Festival Choir ::

So now that I'm a gazillion miles away from my hometown choirs  I'm left here in England....well.....musicless.  For a while, the closest link I had to singing were my private shows given by me in my shower.  So after getting bored by my own spotlight, I decided to do some intensive research and look for another way to express my musical talents.

By the powers of the internet Gods, I was blessed with stumbling upon the Bury Bach Choir, which is a choir....uh here's there link for more info. not in the mood to give info.  My bad.

So anyways, yesterday I went to one of their rehearsals to check out the scene.  Right away, my heart opened up and became a beautiful butterfly.  I. LOVE. THIS. CHOIR!  It's everything I was looking for and more. I instantly felt at home.  The choir had the same scatter-brained conductor who always thought he was right, although he was wrong, the Diva soprano, the choir "secretary" if you will, she was the go to person for music and was always on top of things, and there was even the group of people that never listened and asked the conductor questions to provoke more repeated answers that we have heard 5 minutes earlier, which would only cause him to make smart remarks that would belittle the people asking....just like home.

Not only was the choir similar to the ones back in the states, but I feel like I'm in a music theory class.  Not only do I learn more challenging classical music to makes my vocal chords satisfied, but I learn more musical terms, and shizz like that.  ALSO, another huge plus, they sounded beautiful.  Sweet sweet music to my ear....literally.  Sigh.  Life is good.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to join till I come back to England in January, because they will be on summer break till Sept., which is when I leave for the States.   But it's all good in the hood.  It keeps me motivated and excited in my pants.  Something to look forward to.

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