Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Harem pants, mohawks and Tats, Oh yes

Camden, Camden, Camden.  You have totally stolen my heart.  Not only are you a town where a quarter of the people wear harem pants, but you're totally eccentric and culturally pleasing to the eye.

When I first arrived, my head would not keep still, and I'm sure my pupils were fully dilated.  So much going on, so much to see, I was so afraid of blinking because I didn't want to miss anything cool.  Surrounding me were everything from pierced noses, bright colored dreadlocks, colorful tattoos, chains, political T-shirts, world wide food, unique vendors, and all types of songs from all types of countries.  It's like God put all these people in this part of London to see what type of atmosphere they would breed. A pretty damn cool one as far as I'm concerned.

Check it out::

These bags reminded me of cotton balls maybe Starbrite would use.  This would definitely be a bag that I will never over look. 
They had a huge supply of platform biker boots.  You know, for the short bike riders.  These actually scared me for some reason.  Felt like they were going to come alive and stomp on me.  Also, I bet whoever wears these boots probably has some tight gleuts or thighs!  They weigh a TON!
Tons of unique women's clothing.  I had to contain myself or else Rick would have divorced me for spending all our money.  My will power was put to use to its fullest this day.
All kinds of T-shirts that gave me the shits and giggles.  Well, more giggles, than shits.
Beautiful decoration that  jazzed up this little town.  I mean, who wakes up one morning and says, "Hey, I want to put the bottom half of a person outside my shop today!" ?????   A person from Camden would of course!

This pretty much sums up the kind of quirkiness that Camden possessed.  Like I said so many times during this blog,  cool.

The People::

This is your typical group of friends you would see walking the streets of Camden.  Sure, you would also see the group of stylish Londoners here and there, but in Camden, the Stylish were considered the outsiders.  Pretty cool huh?
I kept wondering how long it took for this guy to fix his hair every morning.

Even the Mannequin were anything but normal.  GOD!  I LOVE Camden!

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