Thursday, 13 May 2010

Standing in line is the new clubbing

Last night in Cali.  What do I do?  Go drive to SF with the gal pals with the expectations to see one of my potential top 5 guys perform.  Drake.

 What actually happens?  We stand in line in heels, in the cold for 2 in a half hours.  Not to mention, we had no jackets, because girls don't like coat check.  Not my idea of party central.

I have to make a couple of bad comments here.  First of all.  If you're  ever in the city, and plan on partying, DO NOT , I repeat, DO NOT go to Atmosphere on Broadway. 

Due to my undying love for Drake, and the fact that I tend to work hard at things I want, I bought pre-sale tickets to his after-party, which was being held at this club.

Before I go any further, let me translate what PRE-SALE means.  When you buy a pre-sale ticket, that means you are GUARANTEED entrance right?  I mean, I have my ticket, it's been paid for, so it only seems logical.  Well, I guess according to this club, things don't work this way.  Apparently, when you buy a pre-sale ticket here, they make you stand outside for 2 hours, let all the people who didn't buy tickets in first, and then tell you to go home.  I don't like their form of party planning.  Horrid.

I do have one good thing to say about this.  I got to see Drake when he got off his tour bus at a pretty close range.  BUT, I also got to see a plethera of hoochie skanks that were required to walk with him from the bus to the club.
I only got to get a quick picture of his hind side.  This picture kind of expresses how we felt after that 2.5 hours of standing, and getting no recognition from him.  He turned his back on us. Disappointment.

He's now been moved to Number 8.

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Chela said...

LOL! I love it! You forgot to mention how there was an extra bus full of groupies & chicken heads and how the dudes in line were hella making "cluck cluck" noises! That was awesome! We love you and would do anything for you..including waiting in line for your obsession with Jimmy Brooks!