Monday, 17 May 2010

Butt-clenching music

So, because I'm a Rockstar, the same night I arrived in England and after a 10 hour flight, I opted to go to Rick's co-worker's band performance.  I tell you, in all my 30 years of living, I haven't clenched my butt cheeks so tightly after this memorable night.  Apparently, this group that my hubby's friend played drums for was a heavy metal rock band.  Yes, HEAVY metal.  You know, the type of music where it sounds like 10,000 guitar chords are crashing into one another, the drums see to produce nothing but symbols clanging mixed with continuous undecipheral beats, and the lead singer sounds like he's trying to hack his lungs out of his throat rather than singing.  Oh, Lordy.

I must admit, it was pretty cool listening to a different sound of music, but when it came to the dance floor....OMG, totally another experience.  So yes, I have heard of mosh pitting before....and have also (in my younger years) attempted to do so.  Of course that whole dance craze didn't catch on with me after my face had a brief encounter with a shoulder.

So anyways, yes, when the mosh pitting began, so did the butt clenching.  I seriously couldn't tell if people were about to fight each other, or if they were practicing new dance moves.  I as so scared for my life.  What scared me even further was the fact that one of the dance moves consisted of flailing arms and kicks to the air....later progressing to running in circles whilst pushing the person in front of you as hard as you can.  The whole time I was thinking, no bueno.  Also, instead of protecting me, I noticed my hubby started to drift toward the outskirts of the crowd, despite the fact that I was being sucked in.  Thank god for the other Fire fighter friends.  Geesh.
Here's one picture from that night.  I was too scared to take more, fearing that someone will knock me over or take my camera and do the "let's smash your camera" dance move or something.

For those of you who know me, I'm the type of person who likes to be apart of all types of styles and music.  This one, however, is going to have to sit on the side lines.  Too dangerous for me.....I love my life too much.

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