Monday, 10 May 2010

I love her

So, yesterday was Mother's day.  A day to celebrate all the women who have sacrificed themselves for the happiness of their families.  Not to mention all the pain and downfalls of hormones just to pop out their cute little bundle of joy.

Well, I must admit. I'm wasn't the easiest child to raise.  I have caused my mother so much grief, pain, unnecessary stress, and migraines, that if I were her, I probably would have given me up for adoption and changed my identity soon after.  But, no, my mother put up with all of it and still managed to be a HUGE positive role model in my life.  I can positively verify that she was the one who made me this strong, independent, crazy, social butterfly that I am.  Despite all that we went through, me and my mother have this bond, that I would only want to increase, and never destroy.

So, I was looking through photos, and I came upon this
It's a mother weeping.  I'm guessing over the loss of her child.  Although you cannot see the pain in her face, you can FEEL it.  This picture is such a powerful sight.  

Now, being overseas, this picture made me think.  Does my mother feel the same way when I leave her? I mean, this picture already breaks my heart when I look at it, I can't bear to think of how I would feel if I knew that my mother felt this way as well. 

People, please don't take your mother for granted.  God made them to create and love you forever.  You'll never find another woman like her.

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