Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Scenes from an SF Baseball game

Baseball, bloody baseball.  Despite the fact that I'm from the bay, and living through that whole Barry Bonds hype ordeal, I was never really into baseball.  I was especially never into the Giants.  I'm actually an A's fan.  Before I go any further, let me answer why I am an A's fan before I hear the infamous word "why" everytime I tell someone that I am.  Well, being that my name starts with an A....it's obvious.  Also, my very first baseball game was an A's game, and the Bash-Brothers were the hype at the time.  
I hearted Jose Canseco and Mark Mcgwire.  THEY were baseball.  I especially loved it when Jose Canseco would break a bat with his leg after he would strike out.  It was even better in person.  

But anywho....GIANTS?  naw....I'm cool.....

Although, I don't really care for them, I attended a Giants game last night against my will.  See, when you're married, you have to make sacrifices like so.  Anywho, I went to a Giants game with the hubby, nephew Tae, and fellow friend Nate.  I have never been into the AT&T park.  Actually, I have never been there when there was a game.  The only time I went there was when I tried out for American Idol season three...

So, when I first set foot into this beautiful architecture,  I was in utter awe and envy.  I was in awe because there were food booths galore and the design was beautiful, and I was envious, because, well, the A's deserve this.

Garlic Fried with Ranch dressing and Mints on the side.  Now, how delish and thoughtful is this freakin dish????

The place was designed so retro/vintageish.  The seats were clean, they had twisty slides that I failed to take advantage of, they would take pictures of you , print it, and you can keep it, they had clam chowder in a bowl, a lit up coke bottle, and  it was full of drunk happy people, my favorite kind of people.

So anyways, let's get to the game.  Since I was surrounded by tons of Giants fans, and I was not about to be cheering for them, I had to lower the decibles of my clapping, hoorahs, and boo's.  I discovered that the Phillies fans, who they were playing, were being constantly  visited by flying peanuts, boo's and chants, and occasional cups of flying cokes.  I didn't want my bag to get dirty.

Although I didn't enjoy the fact that the Giants won, I was enjoying the different types of scenery around me.  There were a group of people sitting in our section wearing crab hats. 

 So whenever Shane Victorino from the Phillies was out field, our section would yell out "Shane has Crabs!" It's was pretty hilar.  Especially since he was right in front of us.  Drunk people at these games are also something to laugh about.  Two guys sitting behind us, who btw, were the whole trendsetters for for the "Shane has crabs" theme, were constantly yelling out vulgar lines that were just to hilarious to forget.  There was another drunk man who was dancing to a beat that was totally not in sync with the songs played.  There was also a Beer-drinking Gingerbread man.   Pure awesomeness.

  The feet stomping of the fans whenever the Giants were at bat were pretty awesome as well. 

Because of this experience, I would def attend another game....but only for the scene not the team....HA! You like that?!

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