Saturday, 24 April 2010


So yesterday the lover and I decided to get some true R&R. We went to go get a couples massage.  Oh boy, it was sooooo lovely.  One of my good friends is a certified massage therapist.  Her name is Emily Rones, and although she's a tiny little thing,  her hands and arms and elbows are heaven on earth.  She worked her limbs so hard to get rid of those nasty knots that I accumulated over the past few months.  When I was done with my session, I felt like someone untied me and I felt all limber and relaxed.  Here's her information if you're interested in using her talants::

Not only is she a certified massage therapist, but she also does acupuncture, and this faboosh thing called cupping.  I usually come in mainly for cupping.
Cupping is a technique where ......ummmm, let me just send you a link::

After cupping, your back gets marked with red dots.  Like so::

 It looks like Rick was using my back to practice his baseball pitching.

Rick also had a massage as well.  The massage therapist that did him was named Michelle Gonzales.  I have never used her, but according to the words of the man, he HIGHLY recommends her.  Here's her info::

Since we were all in the same room I got to experience her personality, and BOY she's FUN E!  You totally get such a relaxed feeling with just being around her. 

I wish I remembered to take pictures whilst there.....It's an awesome experience. If you guys are interested in getting relaxed, let me know!

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