Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A night with Sarah, Liz, Ronnie, and Chile

Oh little boys.  Sometimes you can be just a little too uneducated....

  So, me and the gal pals went out for another GNO.  We attempted to do the whole bar hopping thang, but only made it to two.  Place number one was a new sports bar over yonder.  It's call 44 and it's about a 10 minute drive from my house.

 It's a small little place that got a cool scene and THE best catfish sliders my tongue has ever touched.   Here's an excerpt from the online menu, because I think it deserves that much credit.

Southern Fried Catfish Sliders
Crispy catfish filets with Cajun rémoulade & bacon bits on fresh butter rolls

Anywho, me and the gals were there having our girly drinks, mine including the oh so feminine drink Hennessy and Cranberry, AKA "Thug Juice."  It's great when you're surrounded by great company.  Just talking, drinking, eating, and laughing about boys will always be a great past time to me.  Well, 2 hours later and episodes with the WORST and most brainless waitress ever.  I mean, come on, how many times must we remind her  for silverware and water AND forgetting that we ordered food after 5 min?  I understand that it may be busy, but for a place that's no bigger than my bedroom, there's no excuses.  FAIL!!!!!
Anyways, back to the story, after the 2 hours, and getting picked up on by a high looking wanna be 2-Pac, off to the 2nd bar we go.

Second place is in Albany. That's about 20 minutes away. It's call Mallards and the scene is so cool.

I like it hurrrr.  My drink of the night was a Guinness with the dose of Chamboard.  Yummers.  Anyways, as seen above, me and the gals opted for a game of pool.  So minding our own business and playing 30 minute games, a couple of dudes come up and decided to mingle.  We weren't really having it.  But, oh well. It's entertainment.  
Whilst we were being introduced to the minglers, I apparently,  didn't get the memo that my friends now had new aliases. My friends were now Sarah, Liz, Ronnie, and Chile.  Me, being so honest stuck with the real.  Anyways, it was quite a hoot talking to these guys, cause we soon later found out that they were there to celebrate one of the guys relapsing from alcohol sobritety, and the guy that was trying to hollar at us, later confessed he had a lady. What's even funnier is that we and ended our night with them with him asking for love advise.  WTF????  Gotta love them Bay Area men!

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