Monday, 19 April 2010

LA Cliff notes

Aaaaaaaaand I'm back!  Well, to NorCal, that is.  This whole vacay thingy is getting me all distracted from my lovely blogging activity.  Don't expect this one blog to be a whole bloody essay, I'll just cliff note this one.  Kapish?

So yes, last week I spent the week in Lovely LA, with my lovely familia, to watch a lovely wedding between my older brother and his lovely wife Phi.

 My older brother finally got hitched, and now I'm patiently waiting for a niece or nephew to brew.  Due to the fact that I don't think I will be popping any out any time soon.

 The wedding was flippin awesome!  Not only was I able to dance and gallavant with my family and friends all night, but get this, Henney bottles were the CENTER PIECES!!!!  Ok, how cool is that?  I tend to enjoy weddings more when these are used as such.


Also, I attended my first Vietnamese Tea ceremony.   The new Mrs. Gines/new sis-in-law is Vietnamese., hence the ceremony.  It was quite an experience.  I always get amazed at different cultures in action.   Anywho....CONGRAT TONY AND PHI!

So another thing accomplished in LA was Universal Studios!  And you want to know what's even better?  Military Discount!  Whoohoo! It's always nice to save some dough.  Anywho.  It has changed so much since the last time I've been there.  All I can say about that is place the Mummy ride?  It's a definitely MUST!  Who can hate a roller coaster that starts off slow, with some history info, then all of a sudden become a flurry of pitch black fun!  And get this, this flurry goes BACKWARDS!!!!  Yes, I almost peed in my pants from excitement.  It was that fun.

We also did the ritual tram tour ride.  Some of the things that I saw when I was a wee lass and thought were so Jaws, the earthquake part, and the turning tunnel, wasn't so scary anymore.

This time I found myself analyzing how they worked and tried to pick out how fake it was.  But it was still fun.  I felt like a kid again....if only I were....then the episodes with me squealing and jumping around and giggling with my hands to my mouth would have looked more normal.

OK, 2 more things, and I'm done.

One of the things  that Rick and I tend to do  religiously whilst in sunny SoCal is star searching.

 Yes, we are certified Celebrity whores.  Hey, we can't help it.  We are so obsessed with trying to see someone famous, it's ridiculous. We ALWAYS take the tour of the stars' homes.  This time we did it via Starline Tours. Visit Rodeo Drive and Robertson Drive, where celebrities tend to shop.  And try to eat at restaurants where there are usual Celebrity sightings. This time we ate at this place called Carneys on Sunset Blvd.  They serve hot dogs and burgers.  Anyways, we ate there not only because it was the most affordable place to eat on the strip, but because we found out Elvis Presley ate there and ended up giving a waitress his car after he finished his meal.

 We sat next to the table that he sat at.
 It's pretty sad, but I love it.

Want to know something else a bit sadder?

 Rick and I never leave LA without visiting the Rite Aid Brittany Spears frequently visited when she was going through her pink wig, english accent breakdown.  Yes, I am not kidding.....

So, who did I see?  Well as stated in an earlier blog, Tara Reid.  I also saw a somewhat of a celebrity.  I saw WoMan.  He's been blogged about on Perez Hilton's page. He's pretty much a hefty man that has been seen frolicking around LA in women's lingerie.  It's a pretty awesome sight when seen in person.  He's been on TMZ and other celebrity sights as well....

OK, Last thing to blog about that is sooooooo worth blogging about.

If you are in the SoCal area...I MUST recommend Suzie Cakes.

 Sigh, I'm drooling as I am blogging this.   When I first stepped into the shop, I felt my bottom half already expand.  It was a cute little pastry shop where you were able to watch the cake decorators in action through a plexi glass and the cupcakes/cakes/whoopie pies/ etc. looked sooooo yummy.
 I had the red velvet cup cake, and I must tell you, I believe that I was in heaven during that 1 minute of devouring.

 Please visit this'll regret it if you don't.

OK, that's LA in a nutshell.  tis all.

OH! One more thing!  I'm totally boycotting LA INK!  I Still love you Kat Von D, but I disliked the workers.  When me, my hubby and his nephew went there to visit it, a racial remark about asians was said by a male worker in front.  I have never been so insulted.  He even said it while I was standing in front of him!  I was so upset, I deleted the picture I took of the place from my camera. I wanted to punch the little punk in his face, but was scared that he might have poked me with a tattoo gun.....NEVER AGAIN!

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