Friday, 2 April 2010

Crockett's Hidden Gem

I love re-connecting with old friends/memories.  So last week, my friends helped me discover this cool little gem in Crockett, which is a town about 10min away from my house.  It's Toot's Tavern.  I have always known that this place existed, but I always got the impression that this place consisted of Hell's Angel type people that would poke you with their pool stick and crackheads that would jump you for money.  I was so wrong....

  Now why is it considered a valuable gem?  Well first of's like a time machine.  The times I've been there, I'm always guaranteed to see someone from the past.  I swear....I always have a conversation that starts with, "OMG!  So what are you up too? How have you been????"  Sometimes, I feel I should just record my life story and play it for every person I re-connect with.  The conversation then turns out to be a confession like, "You know, I used to like you in High School."  Or  "I used to be scared to talk to you."   But it's ok.  I love seeing blasts from the pasts.  

Ok, another reason why it's a Gem?  Well, it's sooooo trashy looking that it's F'in AWESOME!  I have a flair for things like this.  I mean, despite the idea that I might get mugged or hit on by a toothless old man....I find such joy in seeing old perverted men drinking at the bar eyeing every girl that walks in.  Seeing drunk hot messes hugging and chain smoking outside.  Biker type dudes, playing pool while their girlfriends sit standby in the corner making sure no one checks out their man or vise versa.  Crazy asian people with crazy artsy outfits drinking amongst the rough tough locals.  And seeing my friends DJing cool music.   Anything that's out of the normal, is so fascinating to me.  Plus, to add the cherry on the ice cream....these people are SUPER nice!

Another reason for my love for this bar?  OK, I'm not a beer you have read before....but get this....they sell Beer by the PITCHER!  I know that's nothing...but the pitcher is about half the size of a regular pitcher, it comes with a straw.  FOR ONLY 5 DOLLARS!!!!

 OK, if you don' think that's cool....then just consider me weird. has a high Yelp what trashy bar has a high Yelp rating?????

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Chela said...

LMFAO!!!! I felt the same way as well! My new favorite Thursday night spot!