Thursday, 29 April 2010

Cooking out our inner chefs

Due to the fact that I can now cook.  I thought it would be appropriate to show-off my cooking skills by throwing a homemade dish potluck.  Because my specialty is Pulled pork Sandwiches, I did just so.  Let me share with you all what my talented friends, and their parents cooked up for this lovely gathering ::::
                                            My infamous Pulled pork
My sis in Law's Turon.  Which is pretty much a banana eggroll
Miss Keithryn's Crab bread thingys.  They were Mad good in my mouth!
My Bff's red Velvet cupcakes.  She forgot to put the Vanilla extract in the frosting....but I think it tasted better.  You should try it. 
Mr. EPZ's mom's Pancit.  The filipino Chowmein
My hubby's Adobo.  Chicken cooked in soy sauce and vinegar....and other things...
Chela Bella's baked Ziti.  Yummers!

My Bff's lovely boyfriend "made" oysters. They were ginormous.  I was too scared to tackle the big ones
Areta's infamous sticky rice.  I wanted her to be an authentic Lao and put it in a straw bowl.  it was awesome!

Mr. Callachan and Jing both brought home made dip.  It was pink...pretty.
Jo Flo cooked up some teriyaki wings to go with his lover's sticky rice
Our friend Bobo, who by the way is a real chef made the Bomb diggity Cole slaw and.....
THE best cornbread I have ever touched.  It had jalapenos in it.  What a blissful combo.

Well, that's all the food.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.....They were HEAVEN in my belly.

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