Monday, 26 April 2010

1 MORE change to the 5

OK, so I was speaking with my gal pals last night about my top 5.  I realized....ok, I need to change it again.  I was watching one of my favorite TV shows:: "Ghost Adventures."  It's pretty  much a show that consists of 3 guys from LV who get locked in a haunted place for the night.  It's shown on the Travel Channel.  I lav it!  Anywho, one of the guys, who's pretty much the leader of the pack,  is a funny, dorky, buff dude named Zack Bagans.  He's the one in the front of the picture in all black and with beautiful biceps::::

So, because he's my number 5 now, Drake is still my number 6 and Xhibit is my number 7.  
Also, I would like to add that the guy right behind Zack, wearing the grey, he's my number 8.  His name is Nick Groff........

OHKAY!  you know what?  I'm changing my number 5 once again.  This time, it's FINAL!  I forgot one guy who I absolutely love and drool over everytime he graces the England channels.  
My number 5 is......wait for it......

He's the guy wearing the hat and grey jacket.  He's a fine ass dancer, who's from this dance group call "Diversity." They were the one's who beat Susan Boyle in Britain's got Talent.  They're pretty bad ass.  
So Ashley...sigh yes.  Definite number 5.  Just cannot get enough of his dance moves, English accent, beautiful smile, and sexy swagger.  oh, I swoon.

So let's move Zack Bagans to number 6, Drake number 7, Xhibit number 8, and Nick Groff number 9.....

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