Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Military wives

Before I mouthed the words, "I Do," which made this bond between the hubby and I permanent, I categorized military wives as young gals from the south marrying their high school sweetheart fresh out of high school.  Then in their 20's they would gather with fellow military wives around the local playground and gossip about other military wives, while their young toddlers dangled from monkey bars or  decorated sandboxes with makeshift sand castles.

I must admit, before getting married I totally stereo-typed the them in a negative way.  When my hubby would take me on-base in Travis, before we got married, what I encountered pretty much established my views on the wives.  When we would visit the commissary or BX, I would see young wives with no fashion sense whatsoever, pushing a shopping cart whilst dragging one child by their small little arm and yelling at another for walking too far from them.  Also, these ladies would add an evil glare and a head to toe scan at me while performing this multi-tasking job with their kids.  From this, I vowed to never become like this, or even associate myself with them.  Well...I would have to say this stereo-type pertains to about 60% of these women.  The remainder 40% consist of 10% - wives with bastard husbands who cheat constantly leaving their wives crying their eyes out or getting back at their cheating husbands by playing the same game, which is just sad.  20% - wives picked up from foreign countries who are trying to learn the American ways.  And 10% who are like me.  The civilians - who pretty much are not really into the whole wifey organizations and activities.....they just want to live life with their hubby and family learn new things and have fun.

I'm not trying to knock down the military wife circle.  Yes, I'm proud that my hubby works and fights for this country.  I love the whole military lifestyle, I just choose not to partake in the typical military wife status.  Also, it seems like I'm describing  this lifestyle as a negative thing....but I can simply say it's just not me.  But who knows.....You might see me hanging out at the local sandbox, or dragging their child through the commissary aisles.  I just hope that I do it all in style......

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